Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

A Great Start

240 days, 8 months, 14 countries, 80 cities, countless adventures later, we return home. A little bit older and wiser. [Read more]  Read More →

Buenos Aires: tango, Tango, TANGO!

There is something about Buenos Aires that makes you want to put on 4 inch heels, a slinky dress, and stay up ’til dawn, eating steak, dancing tango, and drinking Fernet. Unfortunately, we can’t keep our eyes open past 2, the taste of Fernet makes us gag, and Nelson doesn’t look good in heels – so we will just stick with the steak for now. [Read more]  Read More →

Argentina/Chile Part IV: 33 Degrees South

What is it about latitude 33 South? Like a line across the continent, the great cities of Chile and Argentina hover around this marker (Valparaiso, Santiago, Mendoza, Buenos Aires) – bursting with history, culture, and wine. We visit them all during the swan song of our big adventure. [Read more]  Read More →

Argentina/Chile Part III: Lago Land

Beautiful green peaks, crystalline lakes, and chocolate shops on every corner. What more could two weary travelers ask for? [Read more]  Read More →

Argentina/Chile Part II: Fin del Mundo

Giant adventure awaits us as we almost fall off the end of the world during our time in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. After a stint in Buenos Aires, we head way south to cruise through the Beagle Channel, accompanied by seals and penguins. We watch and listen to glaciers crash. We climb Andean peaks. We spend hours staring into the emptiness of the Patagonian tundra. Like the exploers and frontiersfolk... [Read more]

Argentina/Chile Part I: The North

No words explain the joy Maxmitch feel at the moment we cross into Argentina. We are instantly transported to another continent (one situated somewhere in the ocean between the Americas and Europe), where everyone speaks with an Italian accent, eats a steak every night, celebrates every weekend until dawn, and, overall, lives life with such gusto and style that Spaniards and Italians look like teetotalers.... [Read more]

Where We Are Heading…

Wow, have we gotten behind! Sorry folks… Since we are frequently a week (or three) behind getting up our blog entry, we thought we would post a list of where we are heading next so inquiring minds know where we are. [Read more]  Read More →

Bolivia: Coca and Chaos at 13,000 Feet!

There is something different about Bolivia… maybe because it is land-locked, or perhaps its majority indigenous population, or the fact that much of it is perched on the frigid altiplano, while the rest of it sweats in the jungle. It is all these things and more that make Bolivia a world apart – an adventure within an adventure – as we speed (on a variety of slow-moving transport)... [Read more]

Peru Part II: Inca Mania!

Sitting at a 3-star restaurant steps from rocky, oceanside cliffs, we watch paragliders dive and twist above the all-glass four story luxury mall cut into the mountain. The sun shines on dozens of well dressed couples and joggers enjoying the breeze blowing onto the coastal boardwalk from the Pacific. A sunny California afternoon? No – it´s Lima! Peru surprises us yet again as we head South... [Read more]

Peru Part I: Gold in the Desert

Man, did we hear some crazy stories about Peru! The most common is the rampant practice of strangle mugging – where the victim is strangled until they lose consciousness (haven´t they heard of using a knife?) Then there are the folks who lost earlobes and fingers when robbers went for their jewelry. And of course, the old classic, being drugged with a mystery Incan formula and waking up in a... [Read more]